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Hi, I’m Chelsea. From a young age, my parents encouraged me to pursue my dream of playing in the Olympics. So I traveled the world competing against the best and working with the who’s who of coaches and trainers. 13 years and over 50+ number one trophies later, a serious injury brought my Olympic dreams to a halt.

I was super depressed and unsure of what to do with my life. After dabbling in different fields, I decided to channel the intensity and discipline I learned as an athlete into starting and growing two businesses by the age of 22 while still in college.

Many years later, I rejoined the sports world to help athletes work through issues that hinder their performance. My clients regularly break records, win gold medals, and get major endorsement deals.
It’s not magic, it’s a mindset I help them cultivate.
They become better people, better role models, and end up playing a lot longer in their sport.  My method doesn’t just work for athletes. I’ve also worked with CEOs, actresses, entrepreneurs, and neurosurgeons.

My job is to help you overcome the issues that prevent you from succeeding.

You can develop the mental fortitude to overcome things like:

-Performance anxiety


-Burn out

-Conflict with team members

-Stress from bad press

-Negativity from haters

-Relationship issues

-Family problems

-Financial issues

-Parenting issues

Distractions will happen. The demise of your career doesn’t.