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“Visualization is a way for you to train your brain and build mental muscle memory,” says sports performance analyst Chelsea Logan. “This can help you from freezing up when anxiety hits.” If you are going to be in a game, visualize the small details of it. “See yourself walking out of the locker room towards the field,” says Logan. “Hear the sound of your cleats hitting the concrete floor as you are walking down the ramp.”
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Chelsea Xeron is a former athlete turned entrepreneur & performance analyst. She grew up in Northern Virginia playing softball, volleyball, and running track. From a young age, Chelsea’s parents encouraged her to pursue her dream of playing in the Olympics. She traveled the world competing against the best and working with the who’s who of coaches and trainers. 13 years and over 60 trophies later, a serious injury ended her dreams of playing in the Olympics.Uncertain of her future and unsure about what she was really good at, Chelsea was forced to figure out a new path. The discipline learned as an athlete allowed Chelsea to start and grow two businesses at the age of 21 while still in college.

Looking for an edge in business, Chelsea took interest in personal development. She spent hours reading books, attending workshops, and working with mentors. She committed to becoming the best version of herself and became a certified coach. As a result of changing her own mindset, Chelsea’s business picked up significantly. Her products appeared in major media outlets and in gift bags for the Oscars and ESPN ESPY Awards. Chelsea’s experience and passion for sports caught the eye of a director of ESPN who suggested she help athletes strengthen their mental game.

Chelsea’s highly praised approach has helped countless athletes and celebrities overcome issues that prevent them from staying on top of their game. Chelsea and her businesses have been featured in US News & World Report, USA Today, ESPN Magazine, and CBS News.

Chelsea is an ICF certified coach, certified Kundalini Yoga & meditation teacher and has a B.S. in Finance. When she’s not working, you can catch her on set with her husband (photographer & filmmaker), Drew, and their two Shih Tzus, Wolfy & Chewy.